Thursday, 10 January 2013


Doing free style nail art is one of my favourite past times. Over the past couple of years my nail polish collection has grown bigger and bigger. I therefore now own a little treasure box full of all different kinds of nail lacquer. Some of them I have received as presents and some I bought. Brands vary from cheaper such as Rimmel London to more professional ones from OPI.

I could also say there are some colours I just adore, so when they start to become thick and gloopy I am not a happy bunny :)

So here comes the saviour, the mighty OPI NAIL LACQUER THINNER (
This is a chemical solution that restores thickened nail polish to its former glory.

OPI NAIL LACQUER THINNER is made from butyl and ethyl acetate which are the same ingredients found in nail polish. That means it will not effect the colour or the quality or shine of the nail polish.

It is very simple to use, just add 2-3 drops into the nail polish. Instructions on the bottle advise to shake it but that can cause air bubbles. So, I prefer to hold the bottle of the nail polish between the palms of my hands and roll from side to side until thinner is thoroughly mixed into the polish.

Then to test the consistency I can apply to my nail. The correct consistency of the nail polish should allow two coats of nail polish before needing to re dip the brush into the nail polish bottle.

Nail polish has a limited lifetime too, usually about 2 years and darker colours tend to clump up faster because they have so much pigment; so having a nail polish thinner is a must in every nail polish collection.

Till next time...
Kiss Kiss Girly-G

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