Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunny Portsmouth And Sun Creams OLIVAL

You would think that we don't burn here or that we don't get any sunny weather but we do.

I have a  friend who every time she stays with us (carefully planed visits around sunny days) ends up looking like a lobster after only a few hours in the sun :)

My usual sun protection tends to be something from Nivea, as I love the brand, and have been their fan since childhood.

On my recent trip to Croatia I bought sun protection from a brand called OLIVAL ( The company is based in Zagreb and is relatively new.

What I bought was Sun Lotions with SPF 20 and SPF 40 for face and body.

Olival Sun Lotions are made from a combination of natural, mineral and organic UV filters that provide complete protection from damaging UV-A and UV-B rays. These products contain natural cocoa butter and olive oil that make these lotions rich and nourishing, while simultaneously providing additional hydration and promoting even skin tan.

They are waterproof with a light coconut scent.

The reason I like them a lot is that they are not greasy and after applying to my face they don't break me out. So have I switched from Nivea to OLIVAL? Well let's just say every time I visit, I will now have another great Croatian product fighting for space in my suitcase on the way back!

If you end up in Croatia or if you know someone who will be going, I  would say get this products and try out the rest of the range.

Till next time...
Kiss Kiss Girly-G

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