Saturday, 15 September 2012

Fresh Orchid Jewelry

My favourite flowers are orchids, I absolutely adore them and grow my own (with mixed success). On my first visit to Singapore I visited Singapore National Orchid Garden ( It is a such a beautiful and inspiring place with stunning gardens and flowers. I still remember vividly the splendour of colour and lots and lots of different types of orchid flowers.

In the visitors shop I bought this gorgeous slider chain necklace, I just could not resist it.

It is made by RISIS ( and each pendant is created from fresh orchids and is as unique as fresh flowers in nature.

1. Each orchid is carefully selected for the ideal size and shape from the freshest and finest.
2. To retain their natural texture and shape, the orchids are preserved with delicate coat of copper.
3. Orchids are then plated with nickel and finally with pure 24 carat gold.
4. They are then hand finished to perfection.
There is a Greek myth that explains the origins of orchid flower. Story says that Orchis (literally meaning ''testicle'' because the shape of the root :o), the son of a nymph (amorous nature deity) and satyr (half human-half goat), came upon a festival of Dionysis in the forest. He drunk too much and attempted to rape a priestess of Dionysis(he was a God).
For his insult he was torn apart by the Bacchanalians (drunk, possessed people). His father prayed for him to be restored, but the Gods instead changed him into a flower.

Nowadays orchid is the most highly coveted of ornamental plants; it is delicate, exotic, graceful and represents love, luxury, beauty and strength.
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