Thursday, 13 September 2012

Beautiful Kites in Portsmouth

How lucky we are here in Portsmouth, our lovely Pompey is so rich in cultural events throughout the summer. Imagine the beautiful sunny coastal city, fresh air and sailing boats, with a Isle of Wight in the background. This is the perfect location of the Portsmouth International Kite Festival.

Every year Portsmouth City and Kite Society of Great Britain organise a Kite Festival during our UK pubic holiday weekend at the end of August.

Portsmouth International Kite Festival has grown year on year to be recognised by the worldwide kite community as one of the best kite festivals.

There were so many kites and lots of enthusiastic first timers as well as more serious kite enthusiasts.
My husband and I as well as so many other visitors have so much fun watching the skilled and fun kite shows, taking lots of photos of beautiful kites and having a picnic on the beach :)

Till next time...
Kiss Kiss Girly-G


  1. For me Kites remind me of summers in Amritsar, but thislooks so much fuN io may have to visit Portsmouth , again, to see them. Love

    1. See you soon, champagne swilling bangra mum! :) Kiss Kiss