Sunday, 4 November 2012

MUA Nail Constellation Beads

I could not wait to try out MUA Nail Constellation Beads. I heard about this product a few weeks ago and one of the reasons is that it is just a fraction of a price of by now well known CIATE caviar manicure (that sells for around £18). MUA Nail Constellation Beads are just £3 and are available exclusively at Superdrug chemists ( and MUA website (

3D Beads manicure has become so popular this year featuring in beauty blogs, fashion magazines and being worn by celebrities. It is fun way of updating your usual manicure and fun conversation starter.

Here 's how to do it
1. Start by painting the nail with a nail polish (I used Models Own in Gold Rush)
2. While still wet sprinkle over the Constellation Beads until the whole nail is covered
3. Gently press beads in and allow to dry and set in place, then apply top coat (I have used little dipping dish to catch  the beads)
4. Pour the excess beads back into dispenser

MUA Nail Constellation was inspired by the patterns formed into a night sky and appropriately have names of the star constellations SCORPIO (the colour I have bought), PISCES, LEO, GEMINI and LIBRA.

Even though that it does not last much longer then couple of days I would still recommend it as they are so much fun. And you can always mix and match them to creating your unique 3D nail art.

Here is also a video from MUA on You Tube

Till next time...
Kiss Kiss Girly- G

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