Thursday, 8 November 2012

Feel Good Fragrance

If I had to choose a scent that describes the Croatian coastline it would have to be Rebalancing Fragrance by Clarins. Every time I put it on and close my eyes it brings me back to beautiful places and caresses of Adriatic sea and aromatic, soothing fragrances of unspoilt nature.

This lovely balance of essential oils and non fragrant plants encourages a feeling of total relaxation while locking in a delicate veil of scented moisture.

Rebalancing Fragrance comes in a gorgeous blue bottle making it look like captured sea in a glass. It smells cool and aquatic, uncomplicated, soft and feminine. I have been wearing this fragrance on a daily basis to work and I am happy to say my work friends like it too; telling me that it suits me which of course makes me really happy :o)

Some notes of this lovely scent are;
Basil (refreshing)
Florentine Iris (refined fragrance)
Virginia Cedar wood (promotes serenity)
Benzoin from Siam - resin exuded from the tree when it is damaged (provides comfort)
Sarsaparilla (energises)
Robinia (softens, soothes)

It is really long lasting too.
I absolutely love Rebalancing Fragrance, as I almost used up my bottle, I think it will go on my Santa's Xmas list :)

Till next time...
Kiss Kiss Girly-G

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