Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Gifts from Japan

Guess what! This week was my birthday :) and I was very lucky to receive a gorgeous gift pack from my friend in Japan. The items were so cute and uncommon here in U.K I thought I would show you; take a look at this:
The package included some lovely snacks, such as Muji sponge cakes - one green tea and the other cranberry flavour; potato sticks and green tea flavoured biscuits filled with chocolate. There were also some cream biscuits - I'm sure everything will be yummy... well actually I already ate the Muji cakes and they were scrumptious. (I want some more now).

Hidden underneath is a paper envelope containing a pen and dish cloth, I'll open them later. In the top left corner is a cute girly toothbrush (I guess after finishing with all those snacks it will come useful ;)

The most special item is the japanese IGUSA MAKURA, igusa is a type of Japanese rush and makura means pillow. The igusa makura pillow is usually filled with beans and covered with woven soft rush. This type of igusa/rush is also the material used for tatami mats in japan.

I just love the smell of it as well, as it reminds me of my visit to that beautiful country and Yasuko who has been my wonderful friend for so many years :)

And how could I forget the birthday card. Japanese cards are so delicate and amazing and I think a treasure all on their own.

Till next time...

Kiss Kiss Girly-G

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