Sunday, 29 July 2012

Amazing Croatian products

Have you been to Croatia yet?
Every time I go to visit my family I come back to U.K with some of my all time favourite Croatian products. They are high quality items, very popular and definitely one of the must haves for anyone visiting that beautiful country. Here are just few of them:

From left to right: Vrbnicka Zlahtina - Gold coloured dry white wine, indigenous variety of grape from the charming area of Vrbnik on the island of Krk. Malvazija Istarska-Incredibly smooth white wine also an indigenous grape this time from Istria. And finally Plavac Mali-Rich red wine grown on the picturesque island of Hvar. To the best of my knowledge these grapes are only found in the regions of Croatia that they grow and no-where else; how great is that?!

Olive Oil
Exquisite extra virgin olive oils cultivated from Dalmatian and Istrian olives that have soaked up all the blessings of the soil and Mediterranean climate. Dalmatia is the coastal region of Croatia and also where the Dalmatian dog is supposed to have originated.

Something we do really well in Croatia is coffee; there is a great cafe culture there. But to take home, I love this brand of coffee by Franck, it is a blend of roast and fine ground coffee. Smells and tastes absolutely mouthwatering ;)

Vegeta by Podravka - This is an amazing product that has been a main-stay in Croatian kitchens for years and now I am so happy that I can find it in my local supermarket. Vegata is a vegetable based seasoning and works great as a condiment. It is so popular that it is now exported to 40 countries worldwide. If you haven't tried it yet you can find it in Asda.

Cedevita by Cedevita - This is a multivitamin powder to use with cold water. I used to drink so much of this as a child and it's a refreshing drink for adults too.

Sweets and chocolate by Kras - I could write pages about the sweets and chocolates from Croatia but I'll save it for a later blog. In the mean time here are some of my favourites from Kras; one of the most loved manufacturers in Croatia I'll say something about how great they all taste once I've finished eating them - yum yum... ;)

What are the things you like to bring back from your journeys?

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