Monday, 18 June 2012

Japanese Eyebrow Mascara

Wow!!! As I was browsing my favourite e-bay shop I could not help myself but to stop at this product. I was so intrigued by it that I had to try it out. This Dariya Palty Mascara is a Japanese product, sold mainly in Asia and North America. It is I believe aimed towards fashionable Asian market, but as I have noticed myself there is a growing trend in importing Japanese, Korean, as well as skincare and make-up from Taiwan to Europe.

Dariya Corporation was established in 1950s and is a super trendy hair colouring and styling brand that produces easy to use products, with very cute packaging and attractive results.

There is a belief with Japanese and Korean make-up artists that it is a good idea to match your trendy hair colour to your eyebrow colour. It instantly leaves one looking more bright-eyed and dazzling, so get your eyebrows coloured too!

The shade I've purchased (from ebay shop Alpha Beauty Store) is in Natural Brown (there is also Light Brown, Milk tea Brown and Golden Brown). I was pleasantly surprised that it was not too light and I really like it.

As instructions are in Japanese I was playing around with my eyebrows and tried it out.

I noticed that it was quick to dry, water-proof and sweat-proof with a long lasting finish. It has spiral brush head, designed for even application of mascara and combing of eyebrows.

To use it is actually very simple. Firstly I started from the outer end of my eyebrows and applied towards the inner end. Then I just repeated in the other direction - inner end to out end - (doing this the colour is distributed much more evenly). Later to remove it I just used ordinary cleansing oil.

As I said, I am so gobsmacked by this eyebrow mascara, it works so well for me and I did not even know this kind of thing exists ;o)

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