Monday, 25 June 2012

Eyebrow Shaping Scissors with a comb by KAI JAPAN

What do you think of this? Unbelievably cute. Yes, I am talking about Eyebrow Scissors.
I suppose like many women with untamed eyebrows it is of great relief to find a tool that provides a simple solution.

These are made by Kai Company from Japan.
Let me tell you a few words about them just so it gives you an idea of their quality.
Kai Company were founded in 1908 as a small factory making pocket knives. Now they produce, sell, export and import large numbers of cutting tools, ranging from kitchen utensils to cosmetic accessories and surgical implements.

The eyebrow scissors are highly recommended by many make-up artists and fashion magazines in Asia. They are made from steel with antibacterial processing and come with a detachable eyebrow mini comb. The comb allows you to align the scissors against the eyebrows and prevents cutting too much hair or ending up with bald patches ;o)

As a part of grooming and skincare routine I definitely give them high ranking and my eyebrows are grateful too.

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